Earths Kitchen. The SPF you can't live without! 

Natural, delectable & made from the most beautiful ingredients. Partnering Earth's Kitchen, an amazing NZ owned company, has been a dream of ours for quite some time!

Environmental protection is so important for your skin, but quite often the sticky, white appearance & unpleasant smell ( not to mention the stinging eyes ) can put you off using SPF daily. Well… look no further… safe on your face, for our environment & a beautiful addition to your morning Native Junkie routine, the natural SPF 50+ Sunscreen is here!

Earth’s Kitchen creates formulas from the purest, most natural ingredients on the planet. Unlocking their natural healing power, natural whole-plant extracts, wild crafted and distilled into pure botanical intelligence. 

Owner and Creator of Earths Kitchen

Founder, Jules Bright, is an ex-nurse who is obsessed with helping all of us rediscover ancient healing wisdom. 18 years + experience researching centuries-old plant harvesting and healing powers.


💚 SPF50, protects from harmful UVA and UVB rays

💚 Rich in nutrients and locks in moisture

💚 2 hours water resistant

💚 Bio Grow - Nature certified

💚 Is the most gentle, yet effective sunscreen on the market for baby, child and adult


We are obsessed with this amazing product, and we know you will too! Simply apply a small amount after using your magical hemp serum & your skin will be protected & glowing all day long! No white appearance, no sticky mess & no fuss!!

We welcome Earth’s Kitchen Kawa Kawa & Tamanu SPF 50 onto the Junkie range and look forward to sharing with you how you can add top notch protection to your daily skin care routine. 

We have stock available on our website to pair with your favourite Native Junkie treats, you can also visit Earth’s Kitchen to check out what they are up to for more info.

Be smart, stay safe! 
H from the Junkie Team 



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