“When you buy a piece of EMTY Apparel, you are supporting a love for creativity and a love for the outdoors. When you wear your EMTY gear, you are embracing a culture of being weird, being bold, and doing what makes you happy.” Lydia Jennings 

With its feet on the streets and heart in the mountain, EMTY Apparel is a winter-sports inspired brand with an urban aesthetic. 

All designs are straight out of the sketchbooks of skier, artist, and owner Lydia Jennings.

After many years of travel, exploring the mountains of the world, Lydia has landed in Wanaka, NZ. Her passion for sketch book art has evolved into a brand that enables the wearer to explore their own sense of creative expression.

EMTYS essence, feels the emotion of fluidity when surrounded by the ebb and flow of our seasons and environment.

After seasons of sharing the most beautiful “doodles” through apparel. EMTY, has the hearts of the mountains goers and more… With crisp lines and fluid designs, Lydia has sourced the most beautiful HEMP fabric, in which she is launching a HEMPTY range. 

The new “Hempty Tees” are made from a premium blend of hemp and organic cotton, making them EMTY’s most environmentally friendly piece to date! With the durability, breathability and odour- resistant qualities of hemp, combined with the comfort of organic cotton, these tees are built to last longer in-between washes and beyond. 

All tees are a 220gsm heavy weight blend and feature high quality custom embroidery. Shop the Hempty Tees here.

EMTY has our hearts here at NATIVE JUNKIE, and we’re sure you will be wooed too!

Check out EMTY, feel good & look good!




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