Native Junkie Good Herb Soda Blog Post
Good Herb Soda is a founder-led company that positively impacts mental health issues such as anxiety & depression. Their mission is to generate more awareness around this topic and help people curate their mental health experience. Good Herb Soda represents all the benefits cannabis, and other therapeutic plants can achieve without the regulatory and legal issue.

What we eat and drink should take care of our minds as well as our bodies. Many natural compounds have been utilised throughout history to relieve fatigue and anxiety and enable mental clarity and endurance. Good Herb Soda taps into this knowledge by creating a range of perfectly balanced natural compounds to tackle life's everyday challenges.

The awareness that the food and beverage choices we make are essential to our well-being is gaining acceptance like never before. The manufacturing processes involved, the ingredients used, the impact on the environment are all factors to be considered. Innovation & Research in plant-based products is also happening at a breakneck speed. If this trend continues, there will be less Coke & Pepsi and more healthy products created by purpose-driven makers such as Good Herb Soda


A range of wellness tonics made from an herbal infusion of botanical terpenes inspired by cannabis strains. Terpenes are the organic compounds found within each herb, flower and fruit that gives them their unique scent and flavor and are known to have mood elevating & therapeutic properties.

Mango Clove Lemonade infused with naturally derived Blue Dream terpenes.
Supports Stress & Anxiety Relief

Ginger Yuzu Lemonade infused with naturally derived OG Kush terpenes.
Enables Mental Clarity & Upliftment
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